broken foot peg, who makes the beefy kit again?

should of known better but i finally snapped my right footpeg off in a g-out.

gonna pick up another pair of ims pegs in the morning but i need to know who makes the "beefy" fix again...

i've seen the beefy kit where a piece of channel is put over the frame and new holes drilled. i thought ims or xrs only manufactured and sold this... or is it one off?

any suggestions? i saw the src kit and im looking for something more than shims... i know there's a solid fix to this out there.



I think Barnums has some kind of fix for this. (760) 868-8097.

You've probably seen this already, but here it is just incase.

If you're thinking about a heli-coil fix, then also look into Time Serts instead as they are stronger than heli-coils, but they are also more expensive.

I found a guy in Ensenada- Taller Pandos - is the shop. He specializes in XR650 Baja race bikes for the locals. He sells ($80 installed) what ya need. It wraps around the frame, with a bolt through the drilled out frame. Super beefy. If ya want i will pick up one for ya on the 31st of Jan.

Another option is to call Rob Barnum and ask him to make ya one. I know he has been playing around with the footpeg 'fix' idea for awhile.


irondude. that sounds like what i'm looking for. the fix i'm looking for is the same one chris haines runs on his baja bikes. i bet that is the same shop it is coming from.

i'm going to see CH at ims in the morning. if he doesn't have somebody there to do it for a reasonable $, i'll follow up with your lead.


ThunderChicken, after you get it fixed up, could you send/email me a picture? I've never seen that fix before and would like to know more about it as it's probably just a matter of time until I have to deal with this.

you bet qadsan.

btw: i just talked to my buddy who works for haines and he is pretty sure that bob bell at precision concepts makes em too. so i'll followup on that one as well.

i'll keep you posted.

I've ridden sweep for Haines...(up until the Baja 1000!)--this fix is better. Its bullet proof. I just got a digital camera and will try to download some pics.

Taller Pandos is a real find if you are a Baja BRPer.

They are THE shop in Ensenada. Owner is Raymundo Aguirre

and the address is:

Calle Coral No. 399

Colonia Bustamante -- its about half way between the San Nicholas and the main cemetary. They have a mechanic named Joel -- kid is incredible. He and i changed out two XR650R engines-complete swaps- in 2 1/2 hours just befor the last race down there. Great shop. Like a Mexi version of XR's Only. They sponsor several BRP race bikes, and do work on dozens more...check em out next time y'all are down there. :)

btw who do you know at Haines Qadson?

i went with the precision concepts fix. diane had one waiting for haines and i swept in and took it. i would have went with your guy but i have to fix my bike tonight in order to get ready for this weekend's enduro. plus i have a national h&h the following sunday and i wanted piece of mind asap. i'll keep taller pandos in mind for future ref.

were you asking qudsan who he knew at haines or me? i know danny e. he still works for haines but also works at the honda rider ed center where i met him. danny has full on become my mechanic. he has taught me a lot about general maintenance. he really knows his [@#$%&!], i think haines beat it into him. :)

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