2007 YZ450f need help

THis is my practice bike. I bought it off of a friend and he had it and he overheated it. the bike was low on antifreeze but was not completely out. i bought the bike put a new top end and timing chain in it and soon discovered that the exhaust cam had a slipped sprocket. I bought a used exhaust cam and installed it and within 7 kicks the bike cranked. I rode it for a day and then got it back out to ride again and it cranked i warmed it up then shut it off and went inside to get my gear on. I came outside cranked it and heard a grinding noise in the topend and it died. I cranked it again and heard the same thing and it died again. I tore the bike down and discovered that it had another bad exhaust cam. I have no idea on what could cause this? Maybe the cam saddles? is there a way to fix it? I need help

Check the clearance in the cam saddles as shown in the manual.  If there's a problem, EDCo or Millennium Technologies can redo the cam bores.  

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