maybe bad cdi box

a few weeks ago some of you guys where talking about your cdi boxes being bad on your 01 yz426.

i'm not sure thats whats wrong with mine yet but it might be a whats wrong with it. What where some of the things that your bikes where doing before you got a new box? I work at a yamaha dealer and am thinking of putting a 02 box on my bike , anyone try this yet? This bike is really starting to get my mad , i love it to much to get rid of it. Ive tried everything from the bk mod to riching it to leaning it and still get bad backfires somedays and somedays its just fine. always hard to start, not when i first got it. One night it just started to run bad and backfire and now it eats plugs. hopefully someone can help me out here!

This may sound kinda stupid, but have you ever checked the needle and seat or float level? You may have a leaky float valve. A little tiny piece of ****amaringo in there will give ya fits! :)

yeah i had the carb apart a few times nothing wrong . no dirt , float height good also.

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