front brake problem

has anyone heard of the bracket that is conected to the front brake caleper breaking on 01 250F's??? Im wondering if yamaha had a recal. I was at a race and mine broke. it is the bracket that is on the caleper and that bracket bolts to the fork. The part that broke was were the pin in the center of the caleper gose. Anyone konw if you can weld cast, or any other bike that fits the same part because yamaha only sells the entire caleper? Thanks for your help.

By chance were you riding recently in the frozen arctic they call Massachusetts? Was the temp hovering around freezing while you were riding? Where were you riding? I walked the Uxbridge track one day during xmas vacation. The ground was frozen solid. Weather like that will do all kinds of goofy stuff to your mo-sicle.

yea i sure was ridding in mass!!! haha i know how you feel. it was the sunday of our first snow storm this year well 01. it was fun but almost not worth it. how dose the uxbridge track look(your talking about the mx track right)? i havent been down there in like 2 years?? is it still a good track? thanks man

cycra, the same thing happened to me, only with my 426. From your description, it sounds like the breaking point was the same also.

I ended up trying to weld it, but couldn't get it perfect. Since this caliper "floats" on this bracket, the two shafts must be spaced VERY precisely or it will just bind up on the shafts.

Since it did't work out right, I just bought an EBC oversized rotor, it comes with the bracket you're talking about, and the braking power is way better! It ran me $135 for the oversized rotor kit and new brake pads. I got it through Magic Racing in Utica, Michigan.

You'll be very happy with the oversized unit!

the oversized roatar sounds like were i might be heading. It just sucks becase i have a devol disk guard and ill have to get a new one. well mabey ill try fixin it and see how it hose. is that pin in the middle like half the size of the hole cuase i lost the pin ang got a new one it jst seems wierd, is there a rubber peace thats suposed to be in there too?? tnaks a lot man

I'm at school currently, so I can't go look at my bike, but I'm almost 100% that both shafts have a little rubber seal/boot/whatever you want to call it.

Also, the mount/bracket came gold anodized, so it looks very cool with the big rotor.

Good luck

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