Riding a wr450 slow?

I'm an intermediate trail rider.  I'm sure the new model 450 has plenty of power, but can I ride it slow easily?  Half my time I just want to cruise easy trails or jeep roads.  The other half will be more spirited riding.  I plan to ride with my kids when they are bigger so that means a lot of putting around.  Will I need to install a fan to avoid overheating?  Is the EFI too jerky at low rpms?


I've been considering the 250 but I am 6'4 and about 260lbs all geared up so Im worried it will not have enough power.  I prefer to lug rather than scream a bike.

Yes you can, IF you tune it properly and don't ride slow all the time.  If you leave it stock, it will start to boil the coolant rather quickly.  I know this because my buddy has a 2012 that is completely stock.  His boils rather quickly (within 5 minutes at under 10 mph).  I have a '13 with an FMF exhaust, tuned with richer map settings (FMF or MX map) and CO level set to 7. Mine has never boiled.  I only ride when temps are below 80F, and I limit the slow stuff as much as I can.  My buddys stock WR is often hard to start.  Mine starts easy.  We ride single track trails at an average speed of 15 mph, but many times much slower.  If you are going to be riding slower than that for a long time and in warm temperatures, I would recommend a different bike, an 250F woods bike or a two-stroke, whichever you prefer.  To me, 2-stroke race bikes are not fun to ride slow.  

Regarding the EFI, I do not find it "jerky" with the right mapping.  MX map can be a little snappy in the middle but it all depends on your skill level - how good you are with clutch and throttle control. 

Thanks for the info.  Sounds like I'll need to look into a fan kit if I go this route.


Why would a 250f not have this problem?  just because of the smaller motor?

Not sure why 250's run cooler but I'm convinced that they do based on what others have experienced and reported.


 You can do some things to help the 450 run cooler, beside what I have already mentioned.  A fan, aftermarket hoses, new water pump impeller, Water Wetter coolant additive.  Do NOT use radiator guards (the type that replaced the angle deflectors in front of your radiator).  GYTR radiator braces are ok.

I'd recommend two bikes.  I use a TTR250 (air cooled 4 stroke with e-start) for putting around trails with the kid.  And then the WR450 is used for the fast riding.  You can easily cruise the two tracks on the WR, but riding with a beginner on the trails means going slow and getting on and off a lot.  It would get hot pretty fast.  An old XR could be a good putt bike too, but lacks the e-start. I picked up a really nice TTR250 for $1500.  I figure that will make a decent play bike for the kid as he gets older/bigger later on down the road.  

I have a 2003 WR 450F. I think you will want the 450 over the 250. I went to a 15 tooth counter sprocket over the stock 14. That smoothed out the bottom end hit and allows me to stay in the lower gears longer. I can literally "tractor" this bike. 


As for overheating, I'm not sure about the new bikes, but I can spend all day riding in varying conditions and high temps without issue. Last summer I did a 2-day Shane Watts Dirtwise course and it was a hot August weekend. There is a ton of low speed drills in those courses and I had no issue with boiling.


I think the real thing to consider is that the WR is a pretty high performance bike. If you plan on just doing some rather tame trail riding, there are better bikes out there. Good luck.


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