I'm to short for my WR 450

I'm only 5.6 tall and short legged. Can anyone tell me how to lower my wr 450

I'm 5'7" on a good day. Pull the forks up in the triple clamps 10mm and seet the sag. It will help a lot. If you need to go further, shave the seat or search for shortening the subframe in the suspension forum. I saw some posts on it a while back.

There are a couple ways to lower it, but first of all, I understant your height, but how far are you looking to lower it? The two easiest ways are probably to go to a smaller wheel or to cut the seat foam, each will lower it around 1 inch. There may be other subtle methods, but I believe those will give the biggest difference :)

Install a longer link at the swingarm and slide the forks down in the triple clamps. I dont know if anyone make lowering links, but using an original as a template, a machine shop could reproduce it, only make it longer :) I suppose loosening the spanner nut and softening the rear spring would help too.

I'm with you. I just bought a new '03 WR 450 and I didn't realize how tall it was. My tall friends are telling me that the bike is way tall. I'm only 5'5", so I can't swing a leg over it and I won't be able to touch the ground if I cut my toenails. Anyway, I've come to the same conclusions. I'm hoping that softening up the spring will work. My friends and I have done some searching for a lowering link and I haven't been able to find a manufacturer. One of my friends said that he has heard of people sending their springs to a suspension place and having them cut the spring. Has anyone else heard of this?

I've had the suspension shortened on both my wife and daughter's YZ125's. I had Precision Concepts do the job but I would expect any good suspension shop could do handle it. PC installed heavier front springs which were cut down 2" and there may be a spacer added in the forks as well. They also installed a spacer on the rear shock shaft (internally) to shorten the rear suspension. They can shorten the bike any amount up to 2". More than that and the handling starts to degrade. We have been very happy with the results.

Gain some weight! :)

Here's the link on how to shorten a bike from the General Forum.

Ways to shorten a bike

I've done that already.

I'm having trouble to.Theres a market out here if some genius wants to produce a link.I konw a few people that would buy them.

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