Yamalube store right fogging oil?

Hey guys I know in the manual for my yz450 they recommend pouring a table spoon of moter oil down in the jug for storage do you see Any problem with spraying a little yamalube store right fogging oil down in the jug instead. The bike is fuel injected also if that changes any thing. I have used fogging oil on boats before but that all. Thanks in advance.

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What kind of storage are you talking about?  How long under what conditions?

Stored inside a shed over the winter several months. Too be honest I sprayed some down in the jug and held the kill switch and kicked it over a couple times about half through this winter in my mind just too give a little lubrication on the first start up of the year witch has not occurred yet but I was just wondering if this is a ok idea for the future before i put it away for storage over the some what long ny winter.

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Should be fine.  Get some decent fuel stabilizer in there as well.

Once you fog it, don't touch it until you're ready to ride again.

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