For Those That Haven't Inspected/Adjusted Your Valves

Don't worry about those allens, just snug em' up and they'll be fine. If I remember right I had only 1 (or 2) bolts on the cam caps that I couldn't get to with my 3/8 drive sears torque wrench on using a swivel. I just used the old put-the-wrench-on-the-torqued-ones-then-torque down-the-rest-method.

Well I just checked my valves for the first time on my '01 and all 5 are in spec! I've been riding it for several months, an average of probably 1.5-2x/month for a few hours each ride. Yahoo! Guess I can keep riding and check them again soon. :)

RichB, was your one exhaust valve actually in spec but snug, or just out of spec? I had one exhaust (the cam chain side) which was snugger than the other, but the .2mm feeler slid in without too much convincing so I let it go.

Mine was actually out of spec on the tight side and wouldn't you know it but it was the exhaust valve on the cam chain side! I could get a .178 in but not the 2.00. I use a set of sears feeler gauges and didn't have any feeler in between so I'm not sure what the exact spec was, but it was out.

Cool deal on your still being in spec. It's worth the piece of mind to know though. I plan on keeping an eye on mine about ever 2-3 months as they are all closer to the tight side than the loose side.

Just be glad we don't have the old style like is in the Raptor. Those things go out of spec so often its unreal. My neighbors intake valves went tight in so big of a hurry we thought he toasted the top end (no compression). The only way we could get it to start was to pull it. Come to find out, all 3 intakes tightened up on him (in a relatively small amount of time).

Thanks for the info. Wow you were barely out of spec, I didn't think that the valve would stay open when you're that close to spec. I'll definitely keep a close eye on that valve!


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