Fasst FleXX bar pics on my XR650R

I have a bad habit of spending money when I don't get out to ride enough :). I've been reading some good comments on the Fasst FleXX bars in the CRF & YZF foums and just had to try them out. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee, which I'll gladly use if I don't like them. I just installed them tonight and they feel great so far sitting/standing on bike, but I won't get a chance to really try them until this weekend...maybe...hopefully. These are the 14 degree bend and they have a little less sweep than the Pro Taper CR-HI bars I was running and a little bit more rise with the way I have them setup. Here's a picture for anyone curious.


And here's their web site for more info.


Pretty pricey but looks like a great product.

B.t.w., your pic isn't showing.

I'm real anxious to hear your review.

Good luck,



Looks like we'd have to open imagestation.

those bars are great! My buddy Rapture got them and praised them but i was still a bit skeptical.. well i rode his CRF on a nasty whooped out track the other week & man it was a huge difference...

worth the $$ :)


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