Problem when switching air filter

I have a Twin Air powerflow filter kit in my YZ that works great. But for a short, 2 hour ride recently I switched to my backup air filter, which is a UNI with the stock cage and backfire screen. After the ride, I could see a lot of fine dust inside the air boot, which has never really happened. There werent any loose dirt particles, it was all stuck on the rubber. The filter was oiled and installed correctly. But I never got a chance to wipe the dust out because I switched back to my regular filter right before a ride. Is this a problem?


My bike runs the same, no problems. But I am still worried if that dust stuck inside the air boot could harm the engine at all, and yes I am going to wipe the air boot clean.

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It's not healthy for you motor in any way, it is going to kill the motor? No. But the more dirt that makes it way to the valve train=shorter valve life

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