Gearing and uncorking

I just recently purchased a 2013 wr450f, I want to uncork it and have a list of things I've already bought to do so, I also might look into gear changes but have no idea what's best. I'll be doing mostly woods/trails, and dunes. Prolly not much highway other than to go a few miles off trail to a store or what not.

Ok so this is what I got so far let me know what I'm lacking or if it's not a good idea.

GYTR competition ECU kit, comes with YZ throttle screw

GYTR power tuner

GYTR (fmf) powercore 4 exhaust and a powerbomb header pipe

K&N wet air filter

Cycra series one probend hand guards

Thinking about a magura hydraulic clutch lever and possibly upgrading to GYTR clutch components

I put a Rekluse EXP on mine for New England woods and it's probably the best mod I've made. 3rd gear is $$ in the single track.

Does the Rekluse clutch mean you don't have to use the clutch? I'm new to this.

It's a automatic clutch, you still have the option of using the manual clutch too tho

IMO it takes all the fun and excitement outa riding but it does free up that hand and less fatigue,

Ok, so you can be in gear, stopped, without holding the clutch lever in? Is it a smooth start up?

Smooth as butter or whack the throttle and go.

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