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Any MX track designers out there?

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I'm looking into building a track in my area and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any guidelines used to determine the length of a jump based on the distance/speed leading up to the jump. For example, if I want to build a double and the jump is 100 feet from a 180 degree corner, how far should I put the landing from the jump? I would think you would determine your top speed at the point you want the jump then based on somebody's guidelines, know how far to place the landing.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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I just built a track in Silo Oklahoma. It took me just shy of a year to complete. We're going to open it up to the public this year. I know exactly what you're going through right now.

I found out that you'll build a track in phases. It's hard to get it right the first time for an amatuer even if someone gives you a formula.

However, answere your question: :D

I asked all the advanced riders I knew to come out and help me with the distances..They'll tell you the distances and the face angles to suit the jump. They are probably the most qualified IMHO to give you that info.

Then you make them test the jump first... :)

That really worked well for me.

One thing I didn't even factor in at first was drainage. That is so important!!! The first rain left water standing on the track.

I admire you for building your own track. It's very expensive and time consuming.

Are you going to open it up to the public? If so email me and I'll give you some heads up about insurance and liabilites you should know about. Even if you're not...it's good to know for general legal protection.


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