Leftover sale 2001 YZ 426 vs. 2002 YZ426

I know of a local dealer that has a leftover 2001 YZ426 that he will discount fairly well. Are there many changes from 2001 to 2002 that would justify paying the extra amount for a 2002?



I have a 2002 yz 426,I love it.As far as changes go I believe there were quite a few.I would go with the 2002+you will get better resale value.There wasnt major changes but it is enough to go with the 2002.Your Yamaha dealer can tell you all the changes.C-YA :)

Hey H Bomb

I have a chance to buy a 2002 YZF 426 for $4650 or a 2002 CRF 450 for $5300. What are your likes with the 426 and how much does the extra weight effect the bike (jumping, turning, etc)?

I have read good stuff on the 426 but weight and starting are the only complaints out there.

How bad are they really?

Have you ridden a 450?

Any input would be great from all TT'ers out there!


Thanks H Bomb! I will check with the dealer on the differences. The price difference is about $900 so I guess it depends on what you are using it for. I will use it mainly for MX +40 class racing and some trail riding.


I've got the '01 and I have absolutely zero complaints so far. I think that they worked out most of the major bugs by '01. I've never raced but I ride only on an MX track (no higher than beginner or C level I'm sure, will race soon!). I don't have any trouble starting, even after a fall. More than plenty of power and the suspension seems great so far as well. I have not ridden either the '02 YZ or the CRF so I can't compare, but the price difference would be enough to make me think for a while. That's a lot of gear, oil and new parts that you can buy for that $900 to keep you riding! I don't know what level you're at, but at my level I think that rider skill (or lack thereof) has a lot more to do with performance than the difference between the '01 YZ and either the '02 YZ or CRF.

The biggest difference I noticed on the 02 was the throttle response, it really seems a lot snappier than the 01, but I don't know if it's $900 worth of difference. You can buy lots of goodies with that extra money.

I have both bikes at my disposal 01 426, and crf. They are both great bikes.. The 450 is alot easier to start and in my opinion easier to ride... Dont get me wrong though I love the 426 too... Pick a color you'll be happy with either one...



I have ridden the CRF and it starts like a dream, but other than that I prefer my 426. The weight to me really isn't a big issue and once you get it down starting the 426 isn't that hard.

Do you plan on riding in cold weather? There have been some scattered high-altitude, cold-weather related problems with the 01 426's that can be mighty frustrating. I haven't seen (doesn't mean they don't exist) similar problems with the '02 426.

As far as Honda vs Yamaha. I thought both bikes were great. I have zero problems starting my Yamaha. My only complaint with the Honda was I thought the ergo's were a little cramped. I've been winning races like never before on my Yamaha so I sure don't have any major complaints there.


JDM,I found my 2002426 on ebay for 4,500 I couldnt pass up that deal.I havent ridden a crf450 Im sure its a good bike .I would go with the 426,give Honda a couple of years to work out any problems. :)

JDM,I found my 2002426 on ebay for 4,500 I couldnt pass up that deal.I havent ridden a crf450 Im sure its a good bike .I would go with the 426,give Honda a couple of years to work out any problems. :)



This time last year, I was faced with the same decision - a leftover 00'426 or an 01'. The difference was $1000. I bought the 00' and have had absolutely no regrets. Yeah there were some updates in 01' - mostly, they beefed up the clutch. My buddy bought the 01' - get this - mine has run better. Mine is snappier and easier to start - he's still pissed. And besides, that $1000 goes a long way my friend - like some new gear, a Thunder Alley pipe and a Dubach hot start and your still ahead of the game.

I have also ridden the CRF. Great bike. It's lighter and starts easier. Awesome looking too. But - and this is a big but that will probably piss-off the whole Honda side. My 426 has one hell of a motor with one hell of a kick. And IMO, the 426 handles a lot better. Yes it's heavier and yes, the starting drill can be a pain. And the CRF is the newest shiniest one.

Whatever you decide - there all incredible bikes. Have fun.



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