Cam break in

Hey guys new to the site! I've recently rebuilt my yz450f from crank up and decided to spring for the stage 2 hot cams along with all new internals. I know there's a little bit of controversy on how to probably break in a engine after rebuild but is there a right or wrong way to beat in cams? Or do it even matter? Looking for opinions. I'm asking because hot cams did put in a detailed way for proper cam break in but piston company's also give a detailed way to properly set rings etc after rebuild and I see a lot off ppl throwing that advice out the window and riding it like its a rental lol thanks

Cam grinders for cars normally specify keeping the engine at 2000 RPM or over for the first 20 minutes of operation. Since your 450 idles at about that anyway, there's not much to worry about. Give it about a half hour of moderately hard use and then don't concern yourself any further.

Perfect! Thanks

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