WR450 2004 - Chain Questions

Can anyone tell me if the WR450F 2004 comes with an O-ring chain? Also, how many teeth has the sprocket and chainwheel?

Tks! Robert

14/50 sprockets. cheap 520 chain with cheap o rings with no master link. cut it and get rid of it. Ironman sprockets with top of the line o-ring chain is the way to go. :)

Why do a lot of people call the stock chain a cheap chain? I have 2200 miles on mine and it is still in good condition. I haven't even had to adjust it in the last 500.

use the stock sprockets and chain until it wears out, I ran a full season on my set, minimal stretch and the steel sprokets are excellt, if a little heavy.

Counter is 14 teeth, rear wheel is 50. The stock chain is endless, and of reasonable quality. Should last you at least 500 woods miles and with proper care, 1000 miles.

I wouldn't remove it until the sprockets and chain are fairly worn. Then purchase an aftermarket chain w/master link and new sprockets. I would stay away from the aluminum sprockets if you are looking for long wear.


maybe they confuse it with the yz chain now that was a piece of junk it lasted less than 500 miles and had to sometimes be adjusted on the trail. now my wr chain had to be adjusted twice in the first 1000 miles and then I never had to touch it again. It's now got over 8000 miles on it thats about 7000 miles without ever having to adjust it. when the bike was new I used to use o-ring safe lube on it but once I stoped using it and switched to 10w-30 the chain stopped needing any adustments. go figure.

my stock blaster chain seemed to last forever too. I believe it might have had the same chain as the wr (did 520vm) but i don't remember anymore. it had to be adjusted about every 20 rides, 50 to 150 miles per ride.

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