03 Yz450f won't start-experienced mechanic lost!

Preparation or a assortment of jets can solve that. Besides anyone in this industry professionally should have a Keihin master kit anyways.

I just don't see running a drill with a slightly smaller bit to save $1.50.

youd be extremely amazed with how little money people still won't spend on just a simple part. They'd rather rig and drill.

Gray I'm right there with you. Used a bit many times. When you need a jet you need a jet guys. Another trick I'm done when I've lost one of my tiny bits is to use 2 copper strands from 24 gauge speaker wire, twirled them together by hand and cleaned the jet that way. Coppers softer than the brass. Folks when you put a proper sized item in a proper size hole good things happen, youll figure that out later in life lol.

youd be extremely amazed with how little money people still won't spend on just a simple part. They'd rather rig and drill.

I agree. By trying to fix one problem they created another. Some preparation and they wouldn't have to use such caveman tactics.

Welcome to the modern world, where the use of precision machine tools is considered a caveman tactic.


Explain to me what problem I created by clearing the pilot jet with a number drill on three separate occasions?  I must have overlooked it.

This quickly turned into a pissing contest. The irony folks is regardless of how certified any if us are or think we are. Cats can be skinned many ways. As long as the hide can come off consistently in one piece then whatever works for you. In my years running an aircraft machine and structural repair shop I'll tell you one guy can put a bit in a hole and it looks like it was reamed on a lathe. Another guy, same hole, same bit and the hole looks like a drywall screw has been run through it. The thing about dry fuel crud is it's very soft and easy to physically remove even though it cant be budged by vacuum. You educated folks know this. Chasing a hole with a bit using your fingers is hardly arguable. If u screw up and use the wrong bit or set for 10 min jamming it back and forth then hey, that's on you. While I don't feel the need to list 3 miles of certifications, I'll simply state that the work I perform daily is .0000 or better in a temp controlled environment. .

she's just pissed about the other woman

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