No spark after HD stator replacement on a YZ450

Is there a way to test a stator that I just replaced? I'm not getting any spark.

Never mind I played around with the stator and coil over plugs. With some dielectric grease I got the spark back and ditched the zip ties holding the stator plug for the aluminum cord stuff that you twist together to keep the plug from pulling out.

I thought I fixed it but it was acting up again last night cause it died after two minutes. The guy at stealthy offroad said there wasn't any real good way to figure it out but I guess if I put the stock one back in and it runs then I know that's the the problem so now I get to pull the cover off again. SMH

I put the stock stator in yesterday and it ran fine so now I have to send the stealthy one back. Hopefully the new one will last and not have any more issues with it making power.

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