Best after market plastic ???

I'm looking to run in two different harescramble series and want to be able to switch number plates back and forth do to different numbers. Who makes the best fitting and lowest price side plates and front number plate? Thanks for the help.

I think ACERBIS are definetly the strongest,as far as price goes I think there all about the same.

UFO is the way to go. I have never had a piece of their plastic that did not fit. I have been using it for many years. Between my kid and I, we go through some plastic!!!! :)


I've used both Acerbis and UFO and I'd go with UFO. They're both quality replacements, but UFO seems to hold up better.



I wouldn't recommend One Industries plastic. I just bought new shrouds from my local shop 'cause I was installing new graphics, and they fit terrable :) . I pretty much have to force them into place, and they are flimsy. I know your not looking for shrouds, but if they are any indication of the quality of their other products, I say thumbs down.

My $.02


Hey Pat I run the Acerbis on my bike and they work, fit and last great.

Acerbis is the best, but they are the most expensive. can find the cheapest here:

They sell complete plastic kits for $89 which INCLUDES the front number plate (most kits do not).

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I absolutely loved the One industries plastics and graphics.

They fit perfectly with my Clarke and look sharp too.!IM000187.jpg:)

My new favorite photo, lookin stupid.............


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The Acerbis plastic is somewhat brittle. It

l shatter if hot wrong(right?). UFO is much better in fit, finish durability and it also comes with the extra stuff like the heat shield ont he back of the right side plate.

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