bk mod

stock I had 3 full seconds of squirt.

Take it down to .3? Sounds like a big change.

Did Dowd race this weekend?


What year is your 426.I didnt see dowdy racing saturday night.

Dowd is racing 125's this year on the east.

oop's its an 01

My 01' worked best taking it down to about .08 and running a mix of 92 octane pump gas and VP110. Awesome and starts first kick EVERY TIME!


I have an 01' and I just did the mod with around .5 sec of squirt. I also went to a 168 main and the clip in the 5th position. After a little fooling with the fuel screw (it's typically 25 - 40 degrees here) it ran GREAT.

When I tried to run 110 race gas in it, it would bog big time. What did you do to your jetting so that the mix of 93 and race gas would run ok ??



I am also running a 168 main (the temps are about the same here now also). I went to the next leaner needle (I don't remember the needle #) clip in the middle. It wouldn't run very well on straight race fuel either but the mix seems to have done the trick!

I have the squirt set at .3-.4 (hard to measure) and run a 168 main with stock pilot and needle in stock position. I run 100% phillips b32 race fuel and the bike runs great. I suspect that this set up could be a bit lean down low for the lower temperatures we've had lately, but I've been recovering from collar bone surgery and I haven't had a chance to ride in several weeks.

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