Scared to buy another YZ450 !

I have owned a 98 YZ400 (that ate 3'rd gear),a 2004 WR400 (good bike), a 2007 YZ450 (broke a crank),

a 2008 YZ450, and now a 2010 YZ450 that just ate a 5'th gear. I bought another motor that also had a broken 5'th gear. Now a friend has a 2011 YZ450 that has been completely rebuilt because it broke a 5'th gear. Seems to be a pattern! I love the bike, but tearing down transmissions is no fun. I would like to buy another YZF, but have serious doubts about the reliability. Anyone else having 5'th gear problems?

Didn't you already make this exact thread?


I have a 2010 YZ450F that had a chunk missing off of a tooth at 165 hours of hard A class mx racing. It didn't act funny at all, I found it while replacing the crank during regular preventative maintenance (nothing was wrong with the crank, just changing it for piece of mind). No problem since, nor have any of my previous YZ450's had any issues like that.


Why would you buy a whole motor if you just needed one gear in the tranny? The gears are not that expensive individually.

Wasn't the previous complaint about 4th gear? The only recurring tranny issues I have ever heard from a YZ was the 3rd gear issue with the 250 2ts. Never heard of anyone having any issues with any other bikes. This smells like a troll and I guess I am just dumb enough to respond :/


Well, maybe not a troll, but odd none the less.

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No, I'm not trolling. It's that I am trying to decide this week whether to buy another 2011 450 or not, fearing that the same problem might happen again, and i was just trying to get more replies about this issue happening with other '10 thru '13 YZ450 owners. It is just very odd, that I have seen problems with 3 different motors breaking this same gear in one week.I first posted that it was 4'th gear, but was later told that it was my 5'th gear (I cannot edit the title of the post).


 I am not a transmission expert, and my plan was to purchase a complete engine, and part out my old engine. As you can tell, this thing has me very frustrated, and I am thinking of going Honda, and just wanted to get opinions.

No matter what brand you go with stuff is gonna break.

I hope its not an issue. Just bought an 06 a few weeks ago after a lot of research. I hadnt heard of 450s having bad 5th gears. Now my dr650 blew 3rd on the interstate doing 85 mph. But there are occurrences of this happening, just not very often. Guess I was the lucky one.

I first posted that it was 4'th gear, but was later told that it was my 5'th gear (I cannot edit the title of the post).


Yeah, my bad. Just seemed fishy with the multiple posts, different details, etc.

Regardless, either you are just really unlucky, or there are a ton of us riding around with chipped gears in the transmission. Seems pretty odd that you would happen across so of them.

It is just that I have had several big bore YZF's but here in the past week, 3 bikes with 3 different riders all have the same exact problem ! Yeah, I have been racing long enough to know that stuff will break (since 1976), but it really does appear that Yamaha may have a problem with this particular engine blowing 5'th gear. Just wanting to know if maybe the replacement gear is made differently than the previous gear.

And too, I probably did not even realize that the gear was boken, until the little part lodged in my idler gear , and it in turn, tore up a bunch of 

other  gears. There are many damaged parts inside.

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Oddly enough ive had crf and ktm with gear problem but never a yam?

Had an 09 450 never had one issue with it ever

buy 2003-2005 and never have to worry about 5th gear breaking again. :rolleyes:


Sry,had to do it.

Have had 4 YZ450's and not a single issue with any of them.

As I said, I HAVE owned a 2004, 2007 & a 2008 YZ450, and have not had any issue with them.(well my '04 was a WR)

It is the 2010-2013 bikes I am talking about. I think there is some sort of a problem with the 5'th gear !

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I would not risk it time to switch brands

You should totally start riding another brand

Sometimes change is good. If you have a good local dealer I'd take a look at 2012-newer KX450. Great bike and fantastic reliability.

I've been such a Yamaha guy since 1976. It's tough to give it up! Here are the Yamahas I have owned:


1975 MX400

1977 YZ400

1978 YZ400

1978 Husky 390 (blew up that tranny)

1980 YZ465 (what a beast !)

1984 IT490

1989 YZ250

1990 YZ250

1994 WR250

1998 WR400f

2004 WR450

2007 YZ450f

2008 YZ450f

2010 YZ450f

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Save and get an '14 yzf.

I did get a chance to ride the new 2014 450f. Thing was SWEET !

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