gas mileage 04'WR450

I just bought 04'WR450,anybody know what kind of mileage they get.I will be dual sportin It.

I have gone 100 km on my 03 WR450 and there was still lots of "go juice" left. I'm thinking 80 miles of off-road is doable.

Willy Fitz

It all depends on your riding style. Cruisin smooth you'll get 35+ MPG. Chargin hard it'll drop to more like 26 - 28 mpg. My guess is dual sporting you'll get at least 35 mpg if it's mostly pavement/fireroads.

25 to 30 mpg is realistic. 70- 80 miles. Dual sport riding will get you close to 100 miles per tank.

FWIW I did a hare scrambles this last weekend. The course was a 4 mile loop. Pretty high speed on the gas stuff. at about 8 1/2 laps I started to sputter and had to hit reserve. Went on to finish 10 laps. So I did around 34 miles before hitting reserve and about 40 all together. Guys with smaller tanks were having to fuel or ran out.

I have done over 80 miles on a tank trail riding.

I have gotten as high as 52 mpg on asphalt and consistent 25-30 in the dirt.

Has anyone had to tip the bike to allow gas to move over the the petcock side (after riding about 40 miles) ? I have had to do this twice and am wondering if this is normal?

Endurodog, did you do the hare scramble at Berthoud on January 11? I was just wondering since you mentioned it was a four mile loop. The hare scrambles course at Berthoud is typically an eight mile loop. If you were at Berthoud, did they change the course layout? If not at Berthoud, where was the race? I rode the November race at Berthoud and made the entire 64 miles without having to switch to reserve (stock tank). And no I wasn't hanging with the pedestrians (got 4th place). I have made over 100 miles on Taylor Park trails, but had to carry an extra quart of gas in my pack. I find that the 450 allows for short shifting and that helps for fuel conservation on long rides.

You know your probably right about the distance. I never looked at the miliage just going on what someone told me it was.

I get about 40 miles per gallon while dual sporting on my 03. It was alot less when the bike was breaking in. After 300 or 400 its pretty consistent @ 40/gal

off road .com are talking about a 45 mile loop before the bike is thirsty.

check it out here

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