Countershaft sprocket washer

What do you guys use to bend/unbend the washer that's on the countershaft sprocket? I took mine off last night to fix the chain guide and ended up using the rather rudimentary (sp?) hammer and screwdriver method. It got the job done, but it chewed up the edges of the washer.

Also, when you order a new chain, do they normally come with the masterlink? I've seen on many of the online stores where they sell the masterlink. I was wondering if those were replacements or a required extra when getting a new chain.

All chains should come with a master link.

You can buy them separately is because they are the weakest link in the chain and will break first, usually.

I used the hammer/screwdriver method to get it off. Used channel locks to bend it back. Edges are pretty ratty now too...

I reused that washer once but won't do it again. I used an old chisel and soft hammer, got behind it pretty well.

My o-ring came with the master link. I'd just check before buying if it does. I've never heard of a chain coming without one.


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