Jetting for Ocotillo Wells on my 04 WR450F


According to the Altitude Look Up site (Thanks Brian_Wilson) Ocotillo Wells' altitude is 163, the temp is usually hot and dry. I bought a 04 WR450F and removed the exhaust baffle along with the airbox restriction and shortened the throttle screw. It seems to want to hesitate a bit on acceleration and I feel I need to rejet it. Can someone recommend me which kit to use? and what jet #'s? Everyone's talking about the James Dean kits. I'm not familiar with any kits and never rejetted a bike before . I want to set it up specifically for Ocotillo since that's my favorite riding place. Can someone recommend also any procedures to follow to set it up for that? I believe it may be running leaner since the airbox restriction is out and the exhaust is uncorked. Thank you all so much in advance for your help. This site is awesome! :)

Just buy the JD kit and follow his basic set up instructions. TT store sells the JD kit. :)

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