Need greys opinion and help fork bleeder screws

My 2011 has always leaked oil from the fork bleeders when depressed. I've tried different 2 sets it's not the bleeders. Even with the original screws oil still came up when air bleeding. I have 2 friends one with a 11 and one with a 10 that do the same. Is that just a kyb thing or is there a way to stop this? Each time I lose 2-3cc which adds up after a few times. Any suggestions? Thanks

Of course the front ends off the ground. This evens happens when oil is cold. The bike can set for 4 days and oil still comes out when bleeder pressed. Thanks again.

It has to due with orientation of the bleed hole inside the cap

You can either rotate the forks 180*

(Which doesn't work if you have the bars forward like me)

Or pull the cap out and drill extra vent holes in the same channel as the stock one

If the fork vent ports are rotated to a position between 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock as seen by the rider, they're more likely to belch up some oil while venting.  Positioned above 10:00 to 2:00 o'clock, not so much, if at all, normally.  As pointed out, that position may interfere with the bars, depending on your set up. 


The oil is from the outer chamber of the fork, and a little can collect near the vent port if it's in a low spot.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Mine are positioned at 6 o'clock and the bars would be the way. I'll have to find someone that makes some low profile bleeders...

Or raise the bars.

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