07 WR 450f Starter issue?

Recently replaced a starter and worked well went for a half day ride then two days later bike won't start just clicking sound. Battery checked good. I replaced the starter solenoid and no change still just a click sound. Any similar stories or incidents like this? Is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks in advance.

How good is the battery it should be 13 volts or higher. Did you put a new starter in her.


 Don't jam the cover on with the gears in it, It could jam the armature. The best way to put a starter in is to remove the gears from the small starter case and then install.

Battery checked good. Yes I did put a new starter in her. I will check if the gears jammed the armature. It did work for a half day ride with probably 15 or so starts. Thanks for your input.

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