Sprockets/Gearing/Chain for 2003

My low-hours 2003 has the original chain and sprockets -- which are actually in pretty good shape.

However, a lot of the riding we do here is technical stuff -- first and 2nd gear. So I am considering changing the sprockets and chain to one that will give me a little better control without a ton of clutch slipping. I'm thinking going from the current 14/50 to 13/51.


I've searched this forum and find a number of recommendations as to brand and style of the drive components, but not a ton of info on gearing that works well in the slow stuff (although there are a number of posts on dual-sport and SM gearing).


Any comments on this gearing I am considering? And will the standard 114-link chain length work with the13/51 sprockets? Assume it will, since number of teeth is the same.



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