WR 450 Ignition

Hey guys, I'm looking to swap out my push button ignition switch with a simple keyed switch that is a single detent 2 wire switch with not start capability. When I dug into that push button switch I see 4 wires. It seems to me that all I need to do is wire in the "R" and "BR" since that looks to supply the 12v for ignition. The question is, the "R/B" and "B" wire.... Are they just for the LED on the push button switch to indicate that the CDI is powered up?? If so I'm going to assume I really don't need them? If anyone has felt with this in the past let me know. Oh, and this is an 06 wr450f with all free mods completed and piped. Thanks!

I've done it and all you need is to wire a switch into the red and brown wires.  The black and red/black are for the indicator light.  You'll need to get a switch the closes when turned to the on position.  The Baja Designs switch has 4 wires, 1 pair is closed and 1 pair is open in each position and would work for what you are doing.  

You can also just key the ignition by using a cheaper keyed kill switch with 2 wires, they close in the off position.  You would use that type of keyed switch wired parallel to the kill switch on the bars.    

Or use the BD switch both connected to the kill switch and replacing the push button.  Making it harder to hot wire. 

Great thanks, that's what I figured on by looking at the print. I just wasn't sure if that indicator had to be lit for some reason. I know the cdi's rely on grounds to function in some cases.

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