New to me 01 426

Just bought a 01 426. Its been sitting for a few years in the weather, open side cases and all. I've managed to get it running and have flushed all water out of the motor (I think) but should I do anything else to it before taking it out on the trail? I've never owned one of these and I've been looking at the free mods as well. Which I will do.

Also. Anybody out there got a tank for this thing that they wanna sell? These damn things are pricey!

Pull apart the rear suspension and check the bearings and bushings.  If they've never been maintained the bearings are probably rusted to hell.  Replace if so, not expensive, see ebay.  Front forks, change the oil.  If it comes out grey and nasty, order bushings and seals.  Ebay again, not expensive.  Steering head bearings, make sure they are greased and OK.  

Engine, change the oil and filter.  

You say it sat out in the weather for a few years, obviously somebody didn't give a damn.  Most likely it's been neglected.  

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