HRP Power-up kit

I have a friend in Italy who seized his 2001 XR650R motor and wanted me to get some info on the HRP Power-up kit. Is there any where a person can get a parts list and/or a picture of what is in the kit? I called a dealer and they did not know much about it but were able to get me the retail price of $999.99 for the kit. My friend in Italy thinks that it would be cheaper buying it over here since he travels here occasionally for business. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

The full HRC Kit PN# is "06130-NLB-010" and it includes the following components:

Gasket, Right Cover

Gasket, Cylinder

Gasket, Cylinder Head


Piston Ring Set

Piston Pin

Clip, Piston Pin

Camshaft Assy.

Sprocket, Timing

Sprocket, Cam

Chain, Cam

Guide, Cam chain

Tensioner, Cam Chain

Lifter Assy, Tensioner

Gasket, Tensioner Lifter

Spring, Clutch

Spark Plug R7113-10

Spark Plug R7113-9

Rubber, Stud

Bolt, Flange 6x25

Needle Jet set

Jet, Main # 180

Jet, Main # 182

Jet, Main # 185

Jet, Main # 188

Jet, Main # 190

Here's a picture...


If you really want some great performance for about the same price, then go with a 680 kit with an 11:1 piston which will still run on pump gas, stage 1 cam for more mid range power or a stage 2 cam for more top end, pumper carb, etc.

Here's an interesting article that you and your friend should check out on how the Honda Off-Road Team builds Baja bikes.

qadsan-Thanks for the information that is very helpful in understanding what the kit consists of. I will forward this link on to him.

Does anyone know if the there would be any issues with interchagability with the European XR650R's?

There should be no issues since the bikes are very similar. From what I know, the only differences between the Euro versions and here in the USA is that the Euro bikes come with different electronics (different headlight, regulator rectifier, different wiring of course, key switch on steering stem, etc). They also come with different gearing, different jetting in the carbs (but the same carb), performance intake & exhaust insert, etc. The engine is the same from what I know and that's what's important for the kit.

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