Steel frame, gray powder coat?

Have an 05 450, thinking of going gray/silver instead of blue, then I can switch to black, white, or blue plastics and/or black rims and it will still look good, it might make it look newer since it will look like aluminum, and I don't have to worry about trying to match stock colors. 


Thoughts? Pics?

Sounds cool. Something I always thought about was sand blasting the frame and clear coating it to give it the raw look. I'm not sure if that would take away the welding coloration in the steal, but if that could be preserved and then cleared I think that would be bad a$$.734409_10203436870352540_115736380_n.jpg

Yea it'll remove the coloring. Maybe if it was dipped but I'm sure it was removed when originally prepped.

no one else? 

Raw would look epic, but so would a dark grey. Whatever you choose, post a few pics

Hopefully I can get it stripped down tomorrow, not sure how long the PC guy is gonna take. 


He quoted me $400 for the yz frame and my mountain bike frame. Seems ok?

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