Torque Wrench? Needed or Not Needed

How many of you guys use a Torque Wrench or just use a regular Ratchet??

Do You Torque to spec on everything?


I use a torque wrench on delicate places cuz I eat a lot of Wheaties and Yamaha uses a lot of aluminum. There are some places I don't though, like the perch bolts, seat and tank bolts, etc. I bought a 3/8 drive low torque wrench (1-25Nm I think) from Craftsman. They also make a high torque version that I should get, but haven't yet. (20-250Nm I think).

I figured $60 for a wrech was cheaper than buying the replacement parts if I strip out one of the more expensive parts (like an engine case).

My $0.02

I use a torque on pretty much all engine, linkage and suspension related bolts. The other stuff like seat, subframe & lever bolts get the calibrated elbow torque. I have in the past over torqued oil drain plugs, shock mounting bolts and engine bolts which have probably cost $300 and alot of time to fix. Learned that a $70 torque wrench is worth the money. Get a good quality one and it will last you a while and give accurate torque.


You should always torque your triple clamp bolts for the forks. You can cause a lot of problems in a hurry here.

I use a torque wrench on everything but the seat bolts (I got lazy :) ). Sears has a couple of good ones. I got a 3/8" which goes from 3.x Nm to 29.x Nm, and a 1/2" which goes from 30Nm to 200something Nm. I got them on sale for something like $50/ea. They're called "Microtorq" or something similar. If you have never used a torque wrench before then when you get one you will be surprised how much you (or at least me?) have a tendancy to overtighten things when using the "guess how tight" method. Definitely worth every penny in my book!

Now is the time to buy! I think Sears was having a sale this week for 59.99 (usually 69.99) on all the microtorque clicker-type wrenches. If you sign up for Craftsman club membership I think you can also get another 10% off.

If you miss the sale (or if it was last week), borrow someone elses until the sale hits again. I've seen them on sale for this price three times since September...

I got a torque wrench for xmas!!! of the Craftsman models. Last fall I bought one of Ty Davis' magnetic drain plugs and proceeded to crank it in after an oil kept turning easier and easier rather then getting tighter...I'd overtorqued it and destroyed the threads. The next weekend I cranked in the bolt that holds the oil line in under the rear break started turning easier when it should have gotten harder...then snapped in two. Luckly it snapped outside the case and I was able to back it out with a pair of vice grip pliers. Whew!!

I now use the torque wrench on EVERYTHING!!

A definite must. I have two; one large 1.5 foot long wrench that torques from 28->210 nm and one small 25cm wrench that torques from 3->29 nm, this way I cover the whole torque range.

You must never adjust a torque wrench past its minimum torque specification to tighten a bolt, or it will be inaccurate. I have heard of plenty guys doing this just to end up stripping bolts left and right.

I always use a torque wrench, if I don't I tend to over tighten bolts.

When using your wrench you have to torque the bolt a certain way; if you have to, as an example, torque a bolt to 17nm don't adjust your wrench to 17nm and start tightening. What you have to do is start to torque the bolt at 12nm till you her the click, then adjust it to 15nm, torque and then set it to 17nm. If you still end up stripping the bolt after this method you ether have the wrong torque spec for the bolt or there is something wrong with your wrench.

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Thanks Guys.

That's what I needed to know.

Almost forgot, this is very important! Be SURE to get one of those click type wrenches (you set the torque and it goes "click" or "pop" when you reach the right torque). The analog type with the floating pointer are very difficult to use and almost impossible to get the right torque.


In fact wrenches are for wimps. All you need is a pair of channel locks and a nice hammer. In fact sometimes I even leave the pliers at home. And ya know what? You can even skip the hammer and use a BIG ROCK!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhh ha ha haaaaaaa uhhhhhh, when is the sweep truck going to come by???? I'm sure I'm still on the course.... that isn't ribbon on that bush right???? that is a bush isn't it? Shhhh, wait...I think it's talking to me.............

Hope you get to feeling better hodaphile

I was emailed some questions about torque wrenches that I got so I've scanned the labels. I'm very happy with these wrenches so far, they seem to be good quality. Hope this helps someone else who is looking for good torque wrenches:



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