Chain & Sprockets

All knowledgable TT followers, I look to you for some advice!

I am getting ready for the upcoming season and I need a chain and sprockets for my 09 YZ450. Since I am not as much of a race junky these days (just getting back into the MX scene) I went with an O-ring chain. Now for the sprockets. I was looking towards stock sizes since I liked the bike last season and I am pretty sure it's still stock gearing. Anyways, I used a new dealer since I live too far from any of the places I used to deal with. For some reason the guy kept pushing a 14t front sprocket. He said the 14t is less abuse on the equipment and a better choice up front. He didn't have a larger rear in black to make up for the larger front so they sold me a 49t rear. This just seems like something is off and before I do anything with those parts I am looking for advice on gearing. Should I order a larger rear? Smaller front? I don't know why this is so difficult but I am completely confused.

Take the 14 back to him and tell him to, um, sell it to someone else.  He's probably had it for 10 years and can't get rid of it.  14/49 is the same as 13/46, and it will be too tall for almost anything you want to do with it.  Go get your money back, and tell him to give you what you asked for.

Ok so I'm not crazy. I am going to get it done. I just wanted to make sure my instinct about the larger front was right. Sweet deal. Thanks.

Ok so I'm not crazy.


What I said was, you're right about the sprocket. :cool:

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