hey man,

shoot me an email with your phone #.

i want to ask you some questions about the guy in ensenada.

i talked to precision concepts about their footpeg fix and before i bite i want to know a little bit more about the one you're running.

nevermind. i can't mess around i need it now.

called and told em i'd pick it up in the morning.

Hey Irondude,

What is your problem? You are always stirring up [@#$%&!] and acting like some kind of know it all. I hear you dont even have a job! If you dont like the BRP (and thats the impression you seem to make) then why dont you just go buy one of those over priced pieces of Orange and then come back here in a few months to let us know how it was to break down in the desert!

Get a life 'dude :)


Yup he's lost it!!! Time to change the name to crazydude...

So does he normally tell himself off or what. :)

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