I have been reading this Wr post page for over a year, and

have taken lots of good info from it. I live in the Carlsbad area of CA and only ride in the desert from Plaster

City to Ocotillo Wells. I'm 35 now and I've been riding since I was 5 yrs old. I purchased a new 2002 WR426F two years ago and changed the bars, put on a desert tank/YZ seat,free mods,Uni filter,YZ pipe, and had the dealer do the YZ timing and jetting. The bike runs great and has never missed a beat with about 2000 hard desert miles on it.

I'm giving you guys all this info so you can give me advice

on who should do my suspension, With only location being the limit. I ride with the family mostly, but I do go off

with the boys on 70-80 mile (very hard)jaunts about 30% of the time. Should I go to Baja Designs,a certain dealer,independent mechanic,etc etc?

Thanks in advance for any info you give!!


I bleed Yamaha colors, and since I had my first one, this

machine is the nicest bike I have owned!!! I just want my

suspension to keep up with the motor.

ESP is the favorite of both my brothers. They ride CA City, Gorman, Baja, etc.. The one bro. is very fast and aggressive, the other is a sight seer. After riding their bikes, I sent my suspension to ESP also. I ride real aggressive in technical areas. They set it up perfectly for me. I highly recommend them.

Good Luck

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