Need help identifying aftermarket cams

Hey guys,


Helping a friend with a 2006 YZ450F that is set up for flat track and trying to figure out what cams are in it.


He had someone do some work on the engine a number of years ago and they installed aftermarket cams. The exhaust cam has spun the gear on the shaft and needs to be replaced. He doesn't have any boxes, documents, etc that were given to him that identify the cams so I was hoping someone could tell me who they are made by.


The intake cam has the following written on it -





And the exhaust has -




on it.


I've tried looking on different manufacturer's web sites with no luck yet - can't find a match for them.



Thanks in advance!



Well, it appears they are Hot Cams but I can't find anything to identify which model cam.


Any clues?

Contact Hot Cams and ask them.

Contact Hot Cams and ask them.


Gray - thanks. Already have an email into them and hoping they'll take a minute to answer me.  :thumbsup:


Was hoping someone here might know in case they take a week to get back to me (if at all).


Haven't been able to find anything to correlate those numbers with their part numbers - it would be helpful if they'd publish that info.

Yeah, normally the marks found ON a part don't help too much in ID'ing them except to the manufacturer.

I memory serves me correctly, those are stage 1 intake and exhaust.

Those are indeed stage 1 hot cams. Hot cams and many other cam manufactures such as Webb and pro circuit stamp a part number on the cams for identification.

23 is the intake camshaft

22 is the exhaust camshaft

I just went through this with a customers bike that paid for custom ground cams. What I found were just stage 1 hot cams- nothing wrong with them but not the custom ground cams he paid significantly more for. Shoddy shop

KJ790, NitrousR1: Thanks guys.  :thumbsup:


I've been tied up for several days so I just got a chance to get back on here.


I got tired of waiting for an email response from Hot Cams so I called them this afternoon and that's what they told me - Stage 1 exhaust cam.


Hope it helps someone else.




Just wanted to post an update in case it's helpful to anyone else -


As of this writing I have not received a reply from the Hot Cams online "Technical Support".


As stated earlier, I gave up and called them. The fellow I spoke to was friendly and helpful - kudos for that but don't waste your time with the email feature, just pick up the phone. They actually have have live, knowledgeable people who answer - how refreshing!





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