Millennium Technologies Big Bore Kit For The L

285cc...pretty conservative. Looks like they are mostly providing "old" tech in a package methodology.

I do like the head package they have but yeah seems like a so so setup.

Here are a few things I noticed. 



Plymouth,WI (PRWEB) January 11, 2014


Millennium Technologies understands the need for more power. Having a flashy and or stylish cycle is always a plus, but the real fun is in higher output and better performance. Millennium Technologies has created the first Big Bore Performance Top End Kits for the 2011-current Honda CBR250R and CRF250L.


First off I thought B&B 285 kits came out over a year ago.  How are they the first???


Second they say "The Stage 1 kits for the CBR250R and CRF250L boost the displacement up from 250cc to 285cc and work with both stock exhaust systems and stock ECM mapping."


Below that they say "*Please keep in mind that every Stage kit does require a Yoshimura tuner. During R&D we have found that all the kits run lean enough to require an effective tuning system." 


As for the head work, where are the flow bench results???  Why do CNC porting and keep the stock sized valves?


Then they say "For further information and pricing see our website".


Their website doesn't even list a CRF250L and shows nothing available for a CBR250R...


I wonder if they even tested a CRF250L?  The Yoshimura PIM-2 is listed only for the CBR250R on Yoshimura's site.




^_^ i. L

I thought I'd check into this so I gave them a call.  


When I asked about a big bore kit I first told it was a 270cc kit.  When I said I was looking for the 285cc kit he would have to check the Cylinder Works catalog.  After telling him it was a L again and it has the CBR250R engine he was on the right page.  They are installing a steel sleeve a stock cylinder and using the available Weisco piston.  He owns a CRB250R and this is what has been done to his bike.  I asked about a 305 kit and was told about the Takegawa 305 kit.  He just bought one for his bike.  I was told Minimob Racing in Canada is the US Takegawa distributer.


He sounds like a nice guy, they have a machine shop and I know a couple people that have had work done by them.  They where happy with the work. 


It's basically the same as the 285cc B&B big bore kit already available from the sounds of it. He hasn't tuned a CRF250L yet, from the way it sounded.  He did say the stock CBR250R ran pretty lean stock.


He did say the head work really helps since the ports are quite restrictive. He used the stock valves, because he was unable to find aftermarket valves. 


That's about all I found out. 


Nothing new or exciting...  :excuseme:

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