M203 how wide.

Hey guys I'm throwing a new front tire on my bike I'm gonna try a brigestone m203 it came recommended for some thing too try for my terrain. It was mentioned too try a 90/100/21 but my bike comes stock with 80/100/21. Is that ok or should I just stick with the 80/100/21. Thanks. By the way I'm gonna run a mx51 110/80/19 in the rear because I already have a brand new one if that makes a difference

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The 110/80 is not really the right tire.  It's a low profile version of a 110/90.  Your choices should be between the 120/80 and the 110/90.  The 110/80 will work, but it may seem "small".


I run the M203 on mine in 90/100x21, and it's the best tire I've tried so far in the SoCal deserts, which are a mix of very size rock there is from boulders to sand, silt, hard packed alkali soils, pretty much everything except real topsoil or loam. 

I apologize gray it was a 110/90. My mistake. So the the 90/100/21 is just a little a little wider than the 80/100/21 I take it and I'm gonna assume you like how it handles. I have recently gone too 110 instead of 120 in the rear ill have too try it with the 90/100/21. Appreciate it as always.

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