Best way to protect crank when top off?

Ok so I've got my cr125 in garage with top end off, sent to get EG134. I have rags around crank and a plastic bag sitting on top to keep out dust since it was going to be 2 weeks. I was originally told it would be done around now but just learned I was misinformed and it will be another 20 days; upsetting but anyway now I'm wondering if there is anything I should do to protect my new OEM crank while open?

Should I give it some premix or something for lube while waiting?

Don't worry, it'll be just fine.

Wipe it down with oil for good measure. It will be fine being covered up.



Unless you have a mouse or bug problem.



Or kids.

duct tape  :thumbsup:

I was thinking it would be ok since I turned it over and could see it had lube visible but OCD tendencies made me doubt myself. Only rodent prob at my house are the blonde hair kind but they don't mess with the big bikes and the plastic bag is to keep dust out when garage door is opened. Thanks! :)

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