Tips on adjusting the clutch on a YZ450

I haven't really found much info on this since I don't have the book. When I got the bike in December it worked fine, in the mean time I replaced the cable with a pro motion cable and got a ASV perch. When I tried adjusting the pro motion cable and ASV nothing worked. So what are the tricks to adjusting the clutch on this thing? In the mean time I'm putting on the clutch cable that I got with the bike and OEM perch so I can get it inspected next week for the street plate. Thanks

No trick.  Adjust for 3mm of free cable travel.

Ok cause I went until the cable got tight and then started the bike up pulled the clutch in dropped into 1st and it killed the motor. I took more out and the same thing until I got to the point it was so tight where I was pulling on the clutch and then I heard a rattling sound but I never tried to put in 1st. I had a ASV on my raptor and it worked perfectly, I just took the free play and never had an issue so that's why I was scratching my head on this.

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