Need to slip away from my Son's Petaluma/Boggs Mountain MTB Races


He's on the high school team. They race April 5th at Adobe Road in Petaluma. Then again on April 27 at Boggs Mountain. He'd rather hang with his racing buddies. And as much as I'd like to be there to support him during the race, it's an all day affair that mostly entails me sitting there in the pit with my d... in my hand being ignored by the Granite Bay soccer moms. 


Might as well find somewhere pretty close to the races to slip away and get some riding in.


I'm not at all familiar with those areas, so... any suggestions?



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Petaluma has a small riding area with a crappy track, crappy 1/4" flat track and a fun grass track area. It cost $20 and is a fun place to spend a couple of hours.

PM me and I will send you the gate code and directions.

As for Boggs, I have ridden MTBs there many times but I'm don't think there is Dirtbike riding there.

There kinda used to the MTB crowd rides them.........

You can drive 20 min to either middle creek or Knoxville. Middle creek has ten fold better trail system.

More like an hour from Boggs to either one, bent70 is right, do Middle Creek instead of Knoxville.

Cow and Boggs are really close, 

if I am off I show you around Cow.


I won't know untill the last of the month.

Thanks guys. 


Ossidog, I'll take you up on that if you are off.

Im off!

I'm in!

Oh crap! Somehow I didn't see your reply till just now.

His race was canceled due to weather.

... I also got my signals crossed and am obliged to ride yerington with my fishing buddy on the 25th.

oh well, next time

Good luck with whatever happens. I just wanted to chime in and say I was laughing out loud at your post.

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