Engine start/run issues, my leg hurts

So here's the story, rode bike the other day for a short time, parked it, everything was top notch running perfect. Go to ride it yesterday and it started and idled but when you give it gas it bogs out and dies if u don't let off. So to investigate, took the carb off, took jets out cleaned em, cleaned the needle, pilot air screw the slide, blew compressed air through the passages, careful with the floats. Put it back together and now it won't idle or run. It tries to start for a second then dies. I checked the hot start and choke and all that is working properly, I even changed the spark plug, drained the gas checked tank for dirt and still nothing. The bike sounds good for the second it does run when u kick it. What am I missing? I'm about to push it down the hill then run it over in my truck...stumped please help

You might take a look at the wiring and plugs on your TPS system. I assume you had it unplugged if you completely removed the carb. Just a suggestion.. I am a lot less qualified to help you than some people on here.

so found that my coil went bad, replaced all that, new spark plug, its getting spark, its getting fuel, but will not run any other ideas?

Did you put the slide in upside down? It will fit but it won't run for shit.

Slide is good, what are symptoms of a cdi taking a shit?

Its not the CDI, still &%$#@!ed

Dang, still messing with this? Sounds electrical to me or the carb and not getting fuel. Idle adjusted right?


Kill switch vibrating and coming on after it's running?


Floats set to the right level? Replace the jets, just don't clean them.


Get some Berrymans b12 and fill the float bowl through the fuel inlet and let it sit for 20 minutes, drain and repeat.

The original problem with the bog on initial throttle opening is perhaps because your pilot jet was slightly clogged and/or your accel pump diaphragm is worn/torn or the AP rod needs a clean, lube and AP cam screw maybe needs adjustment.


The second problem with not starting is probably because you pulled the carb apart and something didn't go back together properly. Maybe the choke or hotstart circuits are not fully open/closing. Maybe the pilot jet is too badly clogged.


Jets are so cheap that I believe in replacing them. Unless you have some special cleaning machine.  The pilot in particular has to be spotless, and it's can easily get some varnish inside it, if you park the bike for a few weeks with fuel in the bowl, or it can suck up a bit of grit.


You don't need to remove the carb to replace the pilot jet or service the AP.


If there is a spark problem, which I think is unlikely since you fiddled with the carb, then I'd suspect the spark problem is due to something being disturbed while you did the carb work.


IMO, every carb bike should have one of those little $2.50 inline fuel filters. The filter mesh in side the tank can tear. The inline filters just work. Probably the best mod you can do for the $.

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