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Suzuki 125

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Hey guys i recently got a 2004 rm 125 this year wondering what commom set ups people use to get the most power out of them. i notice that 04 and up are accordingliy good, i read on a forum that the 04 had the broadest power band. what was the best year for rm 125 perfomance wise ? does anyone know where i could find an aluminum frame ? i heard 13/52 and 13/53 sprockets worked good what would you recommend ?.  what kind of pipe would you reccomend ? i like the power mid to high range. my riding style is free riding and racing i know how to keep the rpms up.  

im 130 lbs 5,10.


i bought the bike dirt cheap with low compresson, than one day it was just idling and lost all compression. so my plans for the bike are.


Hot rods crank

wiseco top end or else bored out

aftermarket pipe and silencer

sprockets and chain

air filter

boyesen power wing



n-style seat cover with dc decal kit (already have one)


possible clutch

high compression head

suspension mx only

fmx bars

shaved head possibly


is there anything else that would really do it  up ? i priced it all out and it would be between 2200-3000. i am not a first time rider by any means, first year racing in super mini and 80cc class i went from second last to podium our 80 class was 5 seconds off 250 best lap time , also got sponsored with a ktm 105 that year  and was scheduled for motorcross camp in the states.had the most improved rider award, unfortently went through some tough times with the family and hard decisions, i ended up giving it all up that year. this was 2 years ago i been on a bike every year since but really miss the racing so this year im selling the car and sled decking out the 2 stroke taking my camper and truck to the races and hopefully be up to pace and put some competition up, really hope everything can happen here, 2 months to first gate drop every cent is coming from my end . paying for everything will sure be a challenge but look forward to it hope everything pays off. thanks for the help and time , shared a little just so you could have some reference to guiding me

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Send the motor to Eric Gorr for a 144 kit.  Way more power from what I hear and you can decide exactly what kind of delivery you want.  Broad, low-mid, Mid-top, race gas or pump gas, whatever you want.  It's not too expensive either, like less than $700 for a turn key 144 motor.  That's my plan as soon as I beat the D off of mine.  :thumbsup:

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