What Psi

What psi would you recommend I run? I am going to be racing Mx. The track is dirt, no sand or mulch. I have a 2013 kx450f with the Brigdestone 403/404 combo. The front is a 80/100-21 and the rear is a 120/80-19. I've never really experimented with psi before so could you give your recommendation for both when the track is freshly ripped and once it packs down some? Thanks

Your weight would help to get an accurate range also. I don't ride tracks, but here are the ranges that  I use......Soft dirt 16F 14R, hard dirt 12-14F 14-10R. Desert where there are a lot of sharp rocks I run 18/16 or 20/18 depending on speeds and my suspension. 

As you can see, there are alot of of different pressures to run. My best suggestion would be to run practice and change pressures as much as possible. Every rider, tire, suspention adjustment will have you changing pressure, as well as the terrain you are riding...and even that changes lap to lap.

Try 15 front and rear.

Then drop the rear down to 10.


Then drop the front down to 12.


Now you can feel the difference air pressure makes, and you can make up your own mind.


Too hard or two soft will both have less traction, but feel completely different.


I run 4 in the rear (6ply), and 14 in the front

ok thanks!

I like running 12 front and rear on MX tracks.

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