Rabbit Valley


Anyone with plans to be there in the next couple weeks? We're going to make a trip of it and stay for about 4-5 days. No one seems to post much about ride trips anymore so I figured I would go against the grain and just do it.

I'll be over that way tomorrow and Saturday.


Where's this at?

Ya! Where is this

Rabbit Valley is just south of I70 on the Colorado/Utah border (the last exit on the Colorado side). There are multiple riding areas over that way... Grand Junction, Rabbit Valley, Peach Valley, Westwater, DeBeque, Rifle, and others. There's a good variety of excellent desert single track as well as faster open desert terrain, and killer hill climbs.


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Well, then I am in. Will have to come in through gunnison but should be fairly easy to find, right?

Yeah, get to I-70 in GJ, turn left, go to signs that say "Rabbit Valley" and exit the interstate. Couldn't be any easier.

See you out there. Still got a bed for us? Bentley may be able to able to make the trip now. No worries if you don't we can sleep in the SUV.

Elevation around 4500'?

See you out there. Still got a bed for us? Bentley may be able to able to make the trip now. No worries if you don't we can sleep in the SUV.

Elevation around 4500'?

got you covered, PM box is full- need to know when you're coming. send me a message of better yet text.

Are you going to be there this week? It's spring break for the youngsters, and an overnight trip is possible.

I just got back. Conditions were great. Ride over to Westwater if you are looking for a bit more challenge. Arch Trail has some interesting sections.


So, who wants to go Wed am, overnight wed, come home late Thursday from Denver?

we will be out there 3/26 through 3/31. going to try to camp near the kids track.

mid 60's the rest of the week out there. looks like conditions will be perfect.

What a kick ass trip! Such amazing people, great rides, great food and great stories. Weather was fantastic during the day and night.

Thank you Redhurricane/family and cuttingtorch for the memories.

We stayed until 530 Sunday afternoon. BIG winds and some rain. took us 7 hours to get to the Front Range. Vail pass was iced over. putting together a photobucket album for it and will put a link up.

Looks like fun.


Thanks for the pics....hope to move back to the western slope one day.

Did you camp or.....

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