Acerbis DHH Headlight

Does anyone have any pics of the DHH headlight installed on their bike?

Thanks, Cam

Ya... I've got that headlight on my YZ. I'll try to get a pic and post it. What kind of "view" are you looking for? Side? Front? Over-head? :)

May be a day or so before I can get back with you. I have to many honey-does and not enough time :D.


If someone would tell me how to paste a pic in here, I have a side view of my bike with the DHH headlight.

If you could post a frontal and side pic that would be great. I'm thinking about buying one for my 99 WR400 so I want to get an idea of what my bike would look like with it.


If someone would tell me how to paste a pic in here, I have a side view of my bike with the DHH headlight.

Look in the FAQs, it tells you how to do it in there.... :)

Yo... westrider03:

Here are the pictures of my DDH-headlight. :)




Now before you go out and buy one, I'm going to be selling mine.

What ever you would be paying for a new headlight I'll sell this one for maybe half that price, or whatever price we settle on.

Let me know and I'll get all the information to ya on the light.

Boyd :D

How much did you pay for the light? Why are you getting rid of it? I'm looking at one on ebay for $25 + $10 shipping.

I not sure what I payed for it. It was part of a package deal when I bought my bike new from the shop.

The reason I'm selling it is because I'm building a headlight from a stock WR front number plate useing a "Blaze Glow" 50w bulb.

There is nothing wrong with the light pattern from the DDH. It's just that I tinker with everything and the lights are on the "Tinker" list now.

The DDH that I have has an area in the white back-ground on the lower left (as you are looking at the front) where it is starting to lift off the plastic. I also put a black plastic splash guard on the top of it to help protect my Trail-Tec computer from flying debris. Other then that it is in great condition.

If $25 + $10 for shipping is what your finding on e-bay, that sounds o.k. to me. But... By all means, shop around and let me know what you find. If I can help a fellow TTer with getting the lights he wants I'll do it. :D

Boyd :)

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