'04 Rmz 250

A buddy of mine has an '04 rmz 250. He has had problems keeping it running for about a year now. He bought it used, but in excelent running condition, and within 6 months, he ran into issues. When kicking the bike, if it turns over, it may run for thirty seconds to two minutes. that is if it runs. typically we cant even get it to turn over, but when we did, it would run like sh*t, and eventually kill itself. We have been into the carb, fueljets, airbox, idle,and more. Any sugestions as to where to look next?

Carb issue. Goback thru it. Take out all the rubbers. Theres a lot of peices. Soak it in pinesol overnight. Rinse with carb cleaner and blow out all the passages with compressed air.

If your jets are stock,or right for any mods, then put the air screw at 2 1/2 turns out to start.

Iif your float levels right, itll be good now.

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