1996 DR350 Is it worth it?

I'm going to look at a 1996 DR350 (dirt version with BD conversion and plated here in WA State) see link here http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/mcy/4381718023.html


$1800 seems a little steep to me> Can anyone who has one of these or knows about them chime in here please. What is it worth? Is it a good bike? I need it for short commute (12 miles each way) and was also hoping to try some dual sport rally type stuff this year. Any knowledge would help.

I bought a 96 350 this winter with 7000 miles. Paid $900.00. I think I stole it, it looks great and seems to run well. I also picked up a 95' 650, paid $1100. Also looks amazing. I ran it today and it seems to dog at the top of the throttle. Get up to 70mph nice, but dogs going up hill from 60mph. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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I've been watching these a lot in Ohio and most that are running and it good shape go for around $1500.  I've seen a few really nice ones ask for $2000, but most are around $1500.


I've recently bought two, both in non-running condition.  Paid $500 for the first one and all it needed was a new top end.  Paid $400 for the second and still trying to figure out what's wrong with it.  My hope is to make one really nice one out of the two and try to get the second running and sell for $1,000 or so.

that is not a dirt version. its an se for sure. electric start and too many other street models parts are visible in the picture. the bike looks nice but that seems a little high to me

just bought a 98 dr350se about a month ago without title $1200 (just sent all paperwork to bmv for ownership,almost certain i will get title within a month)...only thing wrong with it was a purple frame and maybe a new chain needed months ahead

I have a 98 dr350 and I love it. Bought it non working last year. Never figured out why it wasn't working but I rebuilt everything, engine, carb, valves, chain, sprockets, trials tires... Whole works. In the middle of street legalizing mine now

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