Tripple tree setup

I have an 03 cr250 and want to buy Ride eng 20mm offset tripple clamps because i want to use it for ice racing, are these worth the purchase price?

I think there are plenty of other places you would benefit more than 20mm clamps. I'm not thinking 20mm clamps would be what I would want for high speed racing. I recently bought a set of '13 CRF450 clamps which are 20mm to try, they cost me $60 on Ebay. I wasn't willing to drop the $439 on Ride clamps, that's a spendy experiment IMO. I plan to run the 20mm clamps with a Scotts dampener, hoping this aids turning in technical sections and still holds a line WFO.


 the 09-14 CRF450 clamps are all the same, but 09-12 requires a different lower bearing than the 3rd gen CR250. In '13 they started using the same bearing as the 3rd gen used. The 09+ CRF450 forks are 48mm which require shims for 3rd gen 47mm forks. I think Kirkes has a thread explaining the shimming process. If I recall correctly he used .010 and .015 shim (one upper, one lower).

Yep I love my 20 mm of set triples on my 05 cr250. Wish I would have know to look out for '13 triples. I bought a set of '10 crf 250 triple and had to remove the bottom bearing like you stated. I too did not want to pay $400 dollars, got mine on ebay for $65.

I think my shims were .010" and .016". When I get home I will check my nots.

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Yah thanx guys for the info all start hunting on ebay asap

I also switched to 20mm triples on my '05 back in 2008. 

Mine's the RG3 ones w/ the 4 post rubber dampen bar clamps.

paid out the nose for them suckers back when they were still making them in 20mm offset.


Loved the way it changed the handling from the get-go.


Here's something I didn't expect w/ the change....w/ 20mm triple clamps, I no longer needed a stabilizer.

Before, w/ the stock 24mm offset, the bike at times would go crazy on me every now and then and tank slapped me scared stiff.

Fearing for my life, I mounted a scott's stabilizer w/ a fender mount setup to take care of that. After putting the 20mm

RG3, I could tell the bike's handling improved for the better, and I never felt another tank slapper again, and over time, I kept turning down

the damper's adjuster softer and softer to the point where I had the adjuster maxed all the way to soft. Basically, the stabilizer was now set to respond to high speed damping only.


Then a few yrs down the line, I took the stabilizer off the bike , and never put it back on.

That was 3-4 yrs ago. THe last enduro I raced in, the bike handled beautifully w/o it . So I sold my scott's fender mount setup just recently.

Worthless for ice racing.....

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