What epoxy should I use to hook my ports so they oppose each other? Any special surface prep? Don't want a chunk banging around in my jug:) thanks, g.

what engine you talking about ?  the rears already have hooks. depending what engine you asking about, some have hooks in the front similar to the rears. other fronts dont have hooks per say but its more like a radius aimed rearward. if your thinking to aim the rears across at each other its probly not the best idea 

86 cr250r. Rear ports. Thanks H. I'll leave it to Honda's engineers:)

I clean the ports out really well with brake cleaner, and then fill in the hooks with JB Weld. Yes, JB Weld is all you need. Lay the cylinder so the hooks are facing up, then fill them in with the JB Weld, which is pretty much self leveling when used at a flat 0 angle.

i wouldnt say honda engineers always did whats best. you can use epoxy but its best to know what your doing. although it can be grinded back out but you need the correct tools. youll probly have better luck with a putty rather than runny stuff like jb weld but thats your call

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