2006 kx85

I'm rebuilding my kx85. What piston should I get? I like namura because it has the coated skirts, pre drilled holes, and their a great price. Now does namura make a flat top piston that has the holes and coating? ( I would like to bump the compression up) also are the "phat heads" any good from lukesracing.com I can get different domes for the head and it's suppose to up the compression and cool a lot better. Is that a load of crap or? Also what like modifications to the power valve can I do to the bike to give it more power, it already has a fmf exhausts and I'm getting reeds soon, I want more power but I want to be able to still run 91-93 octane fuel (which ever is the highest for where I get fuel from) please help!! Thanks you guys!

Well i'm probably not the best person to answer some of your questions but.... We've been running 2007 Kx85 for a couple of seasons and its performed flawless.


We only use stock oem kawasaki cast pistons      ,Br9IEX plugs,    stock pipe w/ fmf shorty   .Stock Reeds . Switched to a 52 rear sprocket (from stock 50 tooth)


Installed a LCP Lonnys Jet kit > http://lonnylcp.com/Lonnylcp/Jet_Kit_Intro.html


93 oct pump gas @ 40:1 MOTUL 800T


I'm sure more experienced members might be able to help you more  , just letting you know what worked for us.







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